Aaron is a character in Pokémon Platinum. He's the first member of the Sinnoh Elite Four.

Pokémon Platinum Edit

Episode 64: The Miracle of Bertha Edit

Emile encountered Aaron in the first battle room of the Pokemon League. After a reasonably close fight, Emile defeated Aaron and moved on in the League.

Pokémon Team Edit

  • Yanmega (Lv. 49)
  • Vespiquen (Lv. 50)
  • Heracross (Lv. 51)
  • Scizor (Lv. 49)
  • Drapion (Lv. 53)

Trivia Edit

  • Aaron is the first Elite Four member to specialize in Bug-Type Pokemon.
    • Aaron is the second Bug-Type specialist Emile has fought, the first being Bugsy.

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