The Angry Sun's official artwork.

The Angry Sun is an enemy encountered Super Mario Bros. 3.

Attacks and Weaknesses Edit

The Angry Sun attacks by swooping towards Mario in a U-shaped formation, hoping to hit him. It can be destroyed by being hit with either a Koopa Shell or hammers from the Hammer Suit. It can also be defeated by simply finishing the level.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Edit

It first appeared in Episode 2: Roasted Mushrooms, in World 2-Quicksand. Emile dodged it's attacks and ultimately beat the level. The Sun appeared again, also in a level played by Emile, in Episode 15 [Finale]: The End of Memories.
Angry Sun

Trivia Edit

  • Despite appearances, this sun is not an actual celestial sun. Instead, it is an enemy shaped like a sun used to surprise the player.

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