"...! It's OK, though. Emile, the tougher you get, the tougher we can get, too. There's no end to Pokémon. That's what I'm saying, Emile!"
Barry is Emile's main rival in Pokémon Platinum.

Pokémon Platinum Edit

Episode 1: Rowan a Bodhi Edit

Barry first appeared and he battled Emile.

Episode 73: Resorting to Violence Edit

Barry visited Emile in the latter's new luxury Villa.

Episode 75: Fighting for Survival Edit

Wake and Barry were traveling together along Route 227, when they ran into Emile.

Episode 78: Barry Picking Edit

Pokémon Team Edit

Current Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Barry's name coincidentally rhymes with the name of Emile's first rival, Gary.
    • Gary and Barry are also the only of Chugga's Rivals with a Fire-Type starter.

References Edit

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