Biskit is a lazy Dog villager in Chugga's Animal Crossing: New Leaf Let's Play. He was a starting villager in Palette.


Day 1: New Life [Part 2] Edit

Biskit first appeared on Emile's first day in Palette, and Emile was really excited to have him in the town.

Day 19: Club Shampoodle? Edit

Biskit told Emile he wanted to travel the world, and would be moving away, but Chugga talked him out of it when Biskit was having second thoughts.

Shari's Birthday Edit

Biskit told Emile that he wanted to move out and see somewhere new again. Chugga reluctantly let him move out. However, Biskit changed his mind.

Father's Day Edit

On Father's Day, Emile and Biskit chatted briefly. Unbeknownst to the viewers, this would be the last we would see of him.

Bug Off/Summer Solstice Edit

Biskit moved out without any warning. He wanted to talk him on Father's Day, but he didn't get a chance to talk to him because he was talking to Rocco. He most likely wanted to tell Chugga he was moving out.

After Biskit left Palette. Chugga was very saddened, but he hopes his friend has found his true purpose in life.

 Other Appearances Edit

Six Years Edit

Emile wandered around Palette, doing some fishing and talking to various villager. While in Re-Tail, Emil saw Biskit.


  • Biskit is one of Chugga's favorite villagers.
  • Chugga refused to buy an item from Biskit's house two times, because he thought it all fit Biskit's house better than his.
  • Biskit was going to be moving away in episode 24 until Emile talked him out of it. On Shari's birthday, he once again considered moving away.
  • On this same day, Emile started a Public Works project to build the water pump Biskit suggested in front of his house, as he had done the same in a previous town.
  • He is a Lazy villager, like Chester and Egbert.
  • He was Shari's boyfriend.
  • On Emile's birthday, Biskit wrote a letter saying he hopes he ate lots of cake, and sent him a scale as a gift.
  • On Weeding Day, Emile travelled to his personal town of Leafside and visited the alternate universe version of Biskit there."MY BISKIT IS BETTER! HE ISN'T DRESSED LIKE A HOBO!" (alternate universe Biskit was wearing an indian cloth).

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