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Emiliano Rodolfo "Emile" Rosales-Birou (b. April 8, 1990), better known on YouTube as Chuggaaconroy or Chugga, is a popular Let's Player. He is known for his bad puns, high optimism, frequent hilarious freak-outs, and epic fails in his videos.

Let's Playing

Origins: Mother & Mario RPGs (2008-2009)

"What's going on guys, this is Chuggaaconroy, and I'm actually, um, I'm gonna do my first LP ever, this is of one of my favorite games, personally, uh, this is Earthbound, probably a game that all of you have heard of but none of you have actually played so I'm kinda hoping to get the word out about it a little bit more, um, well just sit back and enjoy."
―Emile's first intro[src]
On March 16, 2008, Emile uploaded his first video, a handheld recorded video of a Super Smash Bros. Brawl replay, entitled Super Smash Bros. Brawl Boss Very Hard Clear.[3]

A little under two weeks later, Emile began his first Let's Play of the RPG Earthbound, posting EarthBound - Part 1: Meteor. Earthbound lasted until June 10, when EarthBound - Ending [Part 3/3] - Final Part marked the conclusion of Emile's first LP.[4]

Emile followed up Earthbound with the preceding game in the series, Mother (also known as Earthbound Zero), uploading Mother - Part 1: When Lamps Attack on June 13, 2008. The Mother main series, which Emile would later dub "my least favorite of my work", lasted about a month-and-a-half until the uploading Mother - Final Boss: Giegue [Part 2/2] & Ending. [5]


Chuggaaconroy is well known for his sense of humor and puns. He is quite a lighthearted guy, but he is also known for his extensive knowledge of game mechanics and lore.


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  • Emile has an article on the StephenVlog Wiki here.
  • Chuggaaconroy has pulled two April Fool's pranks on his fans: The first was an intentionally bad LP of Mega Man 2, made a parody of all the poor-quality Mega Man 2 LPs on YouTube. In 2011, he said Pikmin 2 was his 14th Let's Play, but Let's Play 14 turned out to be Luigi's Mansion. However, Pikmin 2 was done as Let's Play 15.
  • Emile is fond of his made-up word "disatrophe", a combination of disaster and catastrophe.[6]
  • He claimed he once found a colony of ants living within his PlayStation 3.
  • Emile has mentioned that he was poor as a child.[7][8]
  • He once uploaded videos of Pokémon Platinum, filmed with a camcorder, showing himself battling his rival, Team Galactic, Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, and Frontier Brains as well as capturing legendary Pokémon. He has since removed these because they were a "couple of tutorial videos". He has since made them public again after his real LP of Pokémon Platinum.
  • When he was younger, his mothers' nickname for him was Mimikins.
  • After not speaking for the first 2 years of his life, the first thing he said was the entire Alphabet.
  • He has had 3 cats, named Teddy from Mother 1, and Kirby, from the series of the same name. He also had a cat named after Jak from Jak and Daxter.[9]
  • He got approved for a house because his name came up before Chuck Norris on Google at the time.
  • Emile is tone deaf.
  • Emile's 15 favorite Youtubers/Channels, in "no particular order", are: Proton Jon, Gaming Historian, SomecallmeJohnny, Stephen Georg, PIEGUYRULZ, Marriland, GameXplain, Cthulhuigi, YuriofWind, NintendoCapriSun, MasaeAnela, BrainScratch Commentaries, Lucahjin, adrisaurus, and Ashens.[10][11]
  • Emile has never seen The Matrix.[12]
  • Emile habitually shaves his legs.[13] Jon and Tim hilariously learned this near the end of their Mario Party 5 LP after an upskirt shot of Daisy following Emile winning Ground Pound Down on Sweet Dream.
  • Emile has a huge collection of video game plushies and action figures and MLP figures.
  • Emile's dad thought video games were from the Devil, but drugs and getting drunk was okay, and "was not a good person".[9][14]
  • Emile has only seen snow twice in his life. Living in the southern United States, this is understandable.
  • Emile is a fan of the scathing Full House review blog Full House Reviewed.[15]
  • Emile prefers Marie to Callie, of the two Squid Sisters of Splatoon.[16][17]
  • Emile doesn't drink coffee or Red Bull.[18]
  • As a child, Emile enjoyed going to clock stores, as all the ticking and tocking fascinated him.
  • Emile believes the Gamecube is an underrated system.
  • Emile has beaten Luigi's Mansion in a single afternoon multiple times.[19]
  • Emile's favorite Pokémon Gen VII starter is Rowlet and his least favorite is Litten.[20]
  • He does not believe in pirating or emulating video games unless it is the only way to play them.
  • He has shown himself to be incredibly generous, examples include...
    • as he was invited to Stephen Georg's house for the Fourth of July, and he gave him and his wife, Mal, a special edition Zombie U Wii U with a Wii U Pro Controller, Zombie U, New Super Mario Bros. U, Kid Icarus Uprising, a 500 GB hard drive, an SD card, two Wii remote plus controllers (Wii U version), two nunchucks, and 4 Nintendo eShop gift cards.
    • He also gave Stephen an Xbox One for Christmas 2014, because Stephen had said to him he wanted to LP games on it.
    • He once gave away 24 copies of Xenoblade Chronicles to his friends for Christmas in 2013. And he gave away 30 copies of the game for his viewers for a contest in his Xenoblade LP including four factory sealed ones.[21]
  • Emile has said he tries not to do new games and thus won't be doing Pokémon X and Pokémon Y for a few years.
  • Emile was once a stand-in player (essentially an understudy) for a competitive Splatoon team.[22]
  • Emile was invited onto Paula Deen's Home Cooking but declined to appear for unknown reasons. It might be the cause of one of his many horribly bad Wheel of Fortune wrong answers.
  • Emile imported a European 3DS in order to play Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy before it was released in North America.[23]
  • Emile has had a history of getting sick when an LP has been going smoothly, most recently with Kid Icarus Uprising, Sonic Colors, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and his hiatus with Xenoblade Chronicles.
  • His favorite video game of all time is currently Xenoblade Chronicles.
  • His favorite drink is Dr. Pepper. So much that he claimed in Earthbound that his doctor had warned him about getting diabetes from the drink.
  • Emile has a fear of rollercoasters, due to being next in line for the Big Thunder Mountain coaster when it derailed in 2003, killing one.[24][25][26]
  • One of his favorite character designs is Miqol from Xenoblade Chronicles.
  • Emile once mentioned his school was so ghetto, they once took a field trip to a Walmart.
  • Chuggaaconroy has a bit of a reputation for not doing bonus episodes for his LP's. Sometimes he eventually comes back and does them (example: Pikmin 2) and sometimes he never goes back to the LP. (example: Sonic Colors and Ōkami )
  • Emile intentionally avoids talking about politics on his channel.[27]
  • Emile once thought the word vernacular was a name for a sexual organ.
  • Emile likes his food abnormally spicy.
  • According to the Mario Party 10 portion of the 5 Player Game Livestream with ProtonJon, NintendoCapriSun, Tom Fawkes, and MasaeAnela; he enjoys Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival more than Mario Party 10 and questioned why people rage over Amiibo Festival.
  • When he worked at a Cinema as a teenager, he played Pokemon on his break, and his boss told him that he had no life after he saw that Emile clocked over 100 hours of play.[28]
  • Sometime during the first half of December 2015, his channel hit 1 million subscribers. A plaque from YouTube arrived on Christmas Eve.
  • He had a friend named Voltaire who left him because his parents said he was a bad person. He named his Jolteon in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness after him.[29]
  • When Emile was a child, he once wanted to be named Boris.
  • He got the name "Chuggaaconroy" from a random name generator on a Cartoon Planet website.[9]
  • Emile has hesitated on doing a Fire Emblem Let's Play due to its fanbase.[30]
    • He's mentioned that he failed the tutorial level of Awakening due to a lucky critical on Chrom.
    • He decided to play through Fates on his own time once.[31]
  • Emile studied statistics in college. It is unknown whether he minored or majored in it, however.
  • Chugga owns a Galaxy Note 7.
  • He once had "D'oh I missed" as a ringtone.
    • The memorable line was primarily the reason why in both Mario Party and Mario Party 2 the Mini-Game Island mode was played by TRG as Wario before the quote was reassigned to, of all characters, Peach in Mario Party 4.
  • In May of 2012, Emile and Tim (NCS) visited a seven-year-old fan in Minnesota who was dying of cancer, because he wanted to be able to play a video game with Chugga before he passed on, which is amazing.
  • Emile was/is terrible at basketball; When he was younger, his friend tried to teach him how to play basketball. When he tried to shoot a hoop, the ball bounced off of the backboard, into the garbage. His friend gave up on trying to teach him after that.
  • Has once skinned one gravity, after killing it; seen in Super Metroid – Episode 18: Convoluted Solutions. This puts him on universal power level.
  • Creative consultiant for Undertale 2: even more tail.
  • Emile's recurring childhood dream was about "Marrying a tree"
  • Emile's favorite Pokémon is Archen, and it's evolved form Archeops. This motivated him to use an Archen in Pokémon Black & White.[32]
    • His favorite Pokémon before Gen V was Lucario, and before Gen IV it was Wartortle.[32]
  • He mentioned during the very first TRG stream that he had never seen RWBY. As of, at least, Pax West 2017 he has. He proceeded to reference a line said by Ruby Rose at the beginning of Thrown Controllers and even says 'Thank you, Ruby Rose'. [33]
  • Emile was originally primarily "shipped" with Jon (to Jon's annoyance) before a certain live stream of Jon's saw Jon replaced by Daisy.
    • He switched his Mario Party character to Daisy for the Mario Party 5 LP because of it (he had to change anyway, as DK was removed from the playable roster). Before the stream, he initially planned to change to Toad. (Had he gone with Toad and not Daisy like he originally planned Future Dream would've still been the same four characters only with Toad and Daisy reversed)
  • Emile was the first member of TheRunawayGuys to be killed by another player in Dokapon Kingdom, when a wanted Jon killed him. He was then killed by Tim, who had stolen Emile's town-liberating kill and the level-up that came with it, making him the last TRG member to kill another player.
  • Emile has expressed his passionate hate for the state of Florida, where he used to live before settling in Georgia.
  • Emile was originally diagnosed with Autism as a kid but later discovered he was misdiagnosed and posted on Facebook stating he was put in special ed. and on medication because his school thought his different behavior was a mental disability.
  • Emile has mentioned many times he wasn't allowed to watch PG-13 movies until he was 13 and R-rated movies until he was 17. Because of this, he usually doesn't get a lot of adult themed phrases.
    • One in particular happened during The Stream, in the mini-game Crate and Peril, in which the three guys had to survive thirty seconds of Daisy trying to tip Spinies into them. (Jon survived)
  • Emile officially bought his first house in 2015 after living in an apartment for many years.
  • Emile is known for consistently wearing polo shirts, mainly influenced from Lucas from Mother 3.
  • To many people's surprise, Emile is an avid runner and goes on runs multiple times a week.
  • Emile has mentioned he is of at least French and Mexican descent.
  • Emile has come to the conclusion that he can be a sore-loser and is something he is trying to get better to avoid being.
  • Emile thought that a reverse harem was a play in basketball.


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