"As if." - Croque[1]
Croque is a cranky frog villager in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He serves as the overall main antagonist of the series.

Animal Crossing: New LeafEdit

Day 16: Croque Monsieur Edit

Croque moved in weeks after Emile. Chugga was highly suspicious of him because he kept saying "as if."

Croque's Birthday Edit

Rocco, Molly, and Emile all celebrated Rocco's birthday in his house. Emile got Croque socks as a present, as revenge for Croque being rude to him on Molly's birthday.


  • Chugga's first impressions of Croque were less than favorable.[1] Twice he has left his house talking about how he's not sure he likes this villager, but likes his floor, wallpaper, and furniture. On the third time, he seemed to like him even less.
  • Chugga wrote a letter to Croque calling him a jerk, and he wrote back thanking him nicely for the letter, and for supporting him, ironic, considering the content of the letter.
  • Chugga likes the back of his head.[1]
  • The only times Croque was ever nice to Chugga was when Chugga dressed up as Santa to deliver presents on Toy Day and gave Croque the green wall, which was exactly what he wanted (he was probably nice only because he thought Chugga was the real Santa), and when Emile made him a perfect cup of coffee the day after during his shift at The Roost (kilimanjaro, no milk, no sugar).
  • Chugga visited Croque's house one time and bought his tall lantern from him for 1,900 bells. Biskit tried to buy the lantern from him, but Chugga turned him down.
  • He got Chugga to swear for the first time in years.[2]
  • He showed up to Molly's birthday party, to Chugga's shock.
  • When Biskit moved away in the Bug Off update, Chugga was saying how he wanted Croque to move out, but he thinks the one day he doesn't want him to move out, he'll move out.
  • Emile gave Croque generic Tube Socks for his birthday, after remembering him saying on Molly's Birthday how he'd probably give her old socks. Naturally, he wasn't happy with this present.[3]
  • Emile's first pack of Series 4 Animal Crossing Amiibo cards contained a Croque card.[4]

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