Do'h I Missed is a running gag in the Mario Party series. It is one of Chuggaaconroy's favorite quotes.


The quote come from Wario in American copies of Mario Party, all copies of Mario Party 2 and Japanese copies of Mario Kart 64. Wario's voice actor, Thomas Spindler, is actually German, so when Wario misses, he shouts "So ein mist!" How Spindler says this sound like Do'h I Missed, and this has become a fan favorite quote. Peach also says this phrase in Mario Party 4.


Mario PartyEdit

  • Mario's Rainbow Castle: 3
  • Bowser's Magma Mountain: 6
  • Minigame Island: 32
  • Pot o Skill: 1
  • Total: 42[1]

Mario Party 2Edit

  • Western Land: 1
  • Horror Land: 1
  • Minigame Coaster: 18
  • Total: 20

Mario Party 4Edit

(Starting with this, all "Do'h I Missed" are said by Peach)

  • Toad's Midway Madness: 8
  • Bowser's Gnarly Party: 9
  • Total: 17



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