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Platinum Dawn

Dawn is a major character in Pokémon Platinum. She is an ally to Emile both in the journey to complete the Pokédex and the battle against Team Galactic.

Pokémon Platinum Edit

Dawn first appeared in Episode 1: Rowan a Bodhi, as the assistant to Professor Rowan. Later, in Episode 2: Dawning the Tutorials, she taught Emile how to catch Pokemon, using her Piplup to help. She's helped Emile fight Team Galactic Grunts on two occasions; Episode 6: Living the Jubilife and Episode 27: The Dawn of Time, both times they proved victorious.

Pokémon Team Edit

  • Clefairy (Lvl. 25)
  • Prinplup (Lvl. 28)
  • Kadabra (Lvl. 25) (Unseen in LP)

Trivia Edit

  • She's the 2nd female rival in Emile's Pokémon LPs, the first being May of Pokémon Emerald.
  • Emile loves the sock on her head.

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