Brooke Lawson (b. August 6, 1987)[2], better known online as PressHeartToContinue or Dodger, is an American gaming commentator, Let's Player, and critic, primarily on YouTube. She co-hosted one of the episodes of the TRG Podcast that Chuggaaconroy has appeared on.

TRG Podcast Edit

John co-hosts The Co-Optional Podcast (then known as the TGS Podcast), with TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox.. Emile has appeared on two episodes, #29 and #43, one of which was co-hosted by John. TGS Podcast #29 was hosted by both Dodger and TotalBiscuit.

Appearances w/ Emile Edit

Organized by when each video was published or uploaded.

Trivia Edit

  • Her birthday is August 6th, 1987.[2]

References Edit

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