Dokapon Kindom is the 13th collab by TheRunawayGuys.


March 15, 2014 - Present (In Progress)

"An incredibly long-running series to decide the next king of Dokapon! Full of silliness, it's basically if Mario Party were a massive RPG."


  1. Chuggaaconroy
  2. NintendoCapriSun
  3. Proton Jon

Memorable Moments Edit

  • The "robbery sale" (followed by "Wanted: This Duck" when Tim's attempt fails)
  • Emile accidentally choosing to attack Jon while the latter fought Overlord Rico. (Emile would be the one to defeat Rico)
  • The Nitroglycerin


  • This has been the longest Let's Play started by TRG. The final episode was recorded on May 23rd, 2017, based on the title of Jon's stream from that day. There are currently 126 parts, with Jon having a massive money lead.