Dokapon Kingdom - Episode 56- The Bug Bear30:40

Dokapon Kingdom - Episode 56- The Bug Bear

"The Bug Bear" is the 56th episode of TheRunawayGuys' Collab of Dokapon Kingdom. The episode was published on June 23rd, 2016. The episode is 30 minutes and 40 seconds long.

 Description Edit

"This bug was about the worst thing ever to befall Jon..."

Summary Edit

(Due to a technical error, this episode is post commentated)
The guys continue their journey through the world. At the start of the video, Timbo, Emile, and Jon all compete to liberate Granda of it's Big Monster, Flame Eater.

 Turn-by-turn Edit

To Be Added

Enemies Encountered Edit

  • To Be Added

Trivia Edit

  • Dokapon Kingdom Episode 56- The Bug Bear30:44

    Dokapon Kingdom Episode 56- The Bug Bear

    The original upload

    This episode features the rare appearance of post-commentary.
  • The episode's original upload had the title of "Dokapon Kingdom Episode 56: The Bug Bear", a break from the regular format.
    • That video was later taken down and re-uploaded with the title in correct formatting.

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