Donkey "DK" Kong is the protagonist of many video game, a gaming icon and is often the character that Chugga plays as in many of his Let's Plays and Collabs.

Mario Party 1-4 Edit

Chugga plays as DK in all boards in Mario Party 1 to Mario Party 4.

Mario Party 5-6 Edit

Donkey Kong is put into the DK Spaces starting in Mario Party 5, so Chugga begins to play as Princess Daisy. (Emile had originally planned to be Toad, but a certain ProtonJon livestream changed that)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Edit

DK is a playable protagonist in Brawl.

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The Runaway Guys Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Emile had never played a Donkey Kong game before playing as DK.
  • All of Emile's Mario Party board victories have come as DK; since changing to Daisy he has yet to win once, with everyone else (including the AI) winning at least once.
  • In the TRG Animated scenes Emile is usually depicted as DK.