EarthBound was Chuggaaconroy's first LP which he started in March 2008 and ended in June 2008. The playlist consists of 99 videos and the time length is 15 hours, 15 minutes, and 3 seconds.

It's been remade starting July 16th, as a ten year celebration.


March 26, 2008 - June 10, 2008 The one that started it all! A little shaky, but isn't everyone's first LP?

(July 16th, 2018 - ?????) One of my all-time favorite games, and what I consider one of the most important games ever created! If only I didn't use it up in my first attempts at making videos... Well, that's what this is for! This contains a lot of new information not known about prior.

Memorable Moments Edit

First time: Edit

  • Signing the Mayor's contract saying that the Mayor is not responsible for anything if Ness happens to get slaughtered by monsters.
  • "Bob, Otis, Ed, AND JESUS CHRIST!"
  • Cutting the fight in Episode 66.
  • Grapefruit Falls.
  • His cell phone going off in Episode 32.
  • Referencing 300 when Apple Kid is kidnapped.
  • First appearance of the Epic No!.

Second time: Edit

  • Ness's favorite homemade food is "Beeeef!"
  • T-O-O Bad!
  • Episode 19 being a train wreck because of using Pray TWICE!
  • All of Episode 22 just being Chugga testing out the tent glitch.
  • "Hello, it's your dad."
  • Inventory being full all the time.
  • Jeff getting Mike Wazowski'd all the time.
  • Having to use a Cup of Lifenoodles on Jeff after dying to a Foppy smash attack.
  • Randomly getting the sudden guts pill after a battle.
  • Getting the rare Magic Fry Pan twice in one episode.