Moltres is Chuggaaconroy's un-nicknamed Moltres in Pokémon FireRed.

Pokémon FireRed Edit

Moltres first appeared in Part 32 on the peak of Mt. Ember. Moltres was captured in the following episode, after a now infamous rant.

Moltres's former domain: Mt. Ember

Moves Edit

Current Moves Edit

Rant Edit

"Seriously, Moltres, I am here recording this on a Saturday night. [Moltres breaks out of the Poké Ball again] So close. I'm here recording this on a Saturday night. You think that I'm just going to give up and I'm just going to go somewhere else and I'm going to give up on catching you? You think I have better things to do than sitting here trying to cram a six-foot tall bird into something the size of a baseball? No, I don't have anything better to do. You think I have friends to go see? You think I have places to go hang out? You think I have dates to go on? You think I have sex to have? Well, apparently you don't know teenage boys on the internet very well. [beat] God, that was a sick burn on myself. Jeez. That was actually pretty relentless. God, I can't believe I said that." -Chuggaaconroy

Trivia Edit

  • Moltres only has fire-type attacks.
    • Thus, a Pokémon with the ability Flash Fire cannot be harmed by Moltres.

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