Zapdos is Chuggaaconroy's un-nicknamed Zapdos in Pokémon FireRed.

Pokémon FireRed Edit

Zapdos first appeared in Part 29 in the depths of the Power Plant. He was captured by Emile in a Poké Ball after all of his Ultra Balls failed to catch him. He is not believed to have appeared since.

Moves Edit

Power Plant exterior FRLG

Zapdos's former domain: The Power Plant.

Current Moveset Edit

  • Agility (Part 29 - Finale [2/2])
  • Detect (Part 29 - Finale [2/2])
  • Drill Peck (Part 29 - Finale [2/2])
  • Thunder Wave (Part 29 - Finale [2/2])

Trivia Edit

  • Zapdos is the only of the Kanto Legendary Birds to not be caught in an Ultra Ball.