Fang is a cranky wolf villager in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Edit

Interim between The Bug-Off & Summer Solstice and Croque's Birthday Edit

Fang, along with Anabelle, moved in.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo Edit

Day 1: Old Life Edit

Fang is seen walking around Palette while on the title screen. Later, Emile goes to his house but Fang isn't home.

Day 2: Genie of the Camp Edit

Emile and Fang talk for the first time in years. Fang talks about loving Palette for it's independent spirit. Fang trades a water cooler for Emile's juicy-apple clock, which he got earlier that day from Wisp.

Day 4: The Worst Birthday Edit

Emile and Fang talk in the art section of the museum, and Emile laughs at Fang's joke about abstract art.

Day 5: Spacely Sprocket Edit

Emile talks to Fang during his nighttime walk.

Day 6: Deep Dive Deep Edit

Fang and Emile speak once more, and Fang gives Emile 240 Bells in exchange for a flatworm

Day 7: Big Fishing Adventure Edit

Fang is seen participating in the Fishing Tourney. Later, Fang buys a rainbow trout from Emile for 960 Bells.

Day 9: Welcome to the Club Edit

Emile visits Fang in his house late at night, and refuses Fang's trade offer.

Quotes Edit

―Fang's catchphrase[src]
"Everyone in town sort of does what they want when they want, and it's one reason I love this town!"

Trivia Edit

  • Fang was one of the last villagers to move into Palette during the main series.
  • Fang, along with Emile, Shari, and Pietro, was once trapped in Aika Village.