Fortune Street is a side collab by TheRunawayGuys. A board is typically posted after a main collab is finished. Each board lasts between 5-10 parts, and guests are sometimes featured.


"On occasion, we become entrepreneurs on weekends!"[1]


  • Chuggaaconroy as Bowser Jr. (Yoshi's Island-Mario Stadium)/Donkey Kong (Slimenia-)
  • NintendoCapriSun as Yoshi
  • ProtonJon as Waluigi
  • A.I. as Slime (Yoshi's Island)
  • Lucahjin as Daisy (The Observatory and Robbin Hood Ruins)
  • JoshJepson as Donkey Kong (Mario Stadium)
  • SuperJeenius as Stella (Slimenia and Delfino Plaza)
  • MasaeAnela as Carver (Mt. Magmageddon and Mario Circuit)
  • StephenPlays as Luigi (Peach's Castle)
  • Tom Fawkes as Slime (Pirate Ship and Starship Mario)


Yoshi's IslandEdit

Yoshi's Island featured the A.I. as the guest, and the board consisted of 6 parts.

  1. Yoshi (NCS) - 10715G
  2. Waluigi (Jon) - 9729G
  3. Slime (AI) - 8134G
  4. Bowser Jr. (Chugga) - 3913G

The ObservatoryEdit

The Observatory featured Lucahjin as the guest. The board lasted 5 parts.

  1. Waluigi (Jon) - 10206G
  2. Daisy (Lucah) - 5835G
  3. Yoshi (NCS) - 5641G
  4. Bowser Jr. (Chugga) - 3637G

Mario StadiumEdit

Mario Stadium featured JoshJepson, and the board consisted of 8 parts.

  1. Bowser Jr. (Chugga) - 10269G
  2. Waluigi (Jon) - 13359G[2]
  3. DK (Josh) - 8433G
  4. Yoshi (NCS) - 6852G


  • This was the last time Chugga played as Bowser Jr.


Slimenia featured SuperJeenius as the guest, and the board lasted 6 parts.

  1. Waluigi (Jon) - 10469G
  2. Stella (SuperJeenius) - 9148G
  3. DK (Chugga) - 7202G
  4. Yoshi (NCS) - 6722G


  • This board marked the first time Chugga played as DK (Emile's usual character from the Mario games).

Delfino PlazaEdit

Delfino Plaza featured SuperJeenius again and lasted 6 parts.

  1. Waluigi (Jon) - 12018G
  2. Yoshi (NCS) - 9399G
  3. Stella (SuperJeenius) - 2890G
  4. DK (Chugga) - 1075G


This is the first time someone finished under the starting amount.

Mt. MagmageddonEdit

Mt. Magmageddon featured MasaeAnela and the board in total lasted 8 parts.

  1. DK (Chugga) - 10534G
  2. Carver (Masae) - 10133G[3]
  3. Yoshi (NCS) - 8821G
  4. Waluigi (Jon) - 4717G


  • This board also marks the first time Jon finished in place that is not 1st or 2nd.

Robbin Hood RuinsEdit

This board featured Lucahjin, and lasted 10 parts.

  1. Waluigi (Jon) - 10629G
  2. DK (Chugga) - 10465G[4]
  3. Daisy (Lucah) - 9389G
  4. Yoshi (NCS) - 7471G


This is the longest board, as pointed out by TRG and Lucah multiple times. At the end of Part 10 when Jon won, Jon shouted 'we're free!' The board as a whole took 2 hours 37 minutes.

Mario CircuitEdit

This board featured MasaeAnela as the guest. The entire board lasted 8 parts.

  1. Waluigi (Jon) - 10513G
  2. Yoshi (NCS) - 11503GG [5]
  3. Carver (Masae) - 9718G
  4. DK (Chugga) - 8030G

Peach's CastleEdit

Peach's Castle featured StephenPlays as the guest, and it lasted 5 parts.

  1. Yoshi (NCS) - 10018G
  2. Waluigi (Jon) - 8379G
  3. DK (Chugga) - 8370G
  4. Luigi (Stephen) - 5362G

Pirate ShipEdit

Pirate Ship featured Tom Fawkes as the guest, and it lasted 6 parts.

  1. Waluigi (Jon) - 16699G
  2. Slime (Tom) - 15464G[6]
  3. DK (Chugga) - 8462G
  4. Yoshi (NCS) - 5660G


  • This board is notable as it is the first board so far to have it's original target amount of 12000G instead of TRG's setting of 10000G.
  • This board is the closest a guest has come to winning the game, with Tom getting over the target amount.

Starship MarioEdit

Starship Mario also featured Tom Fawkes as the guest and it lasted 6 parts.

  1. Yoshi (NCS) - 21473G
  2. Waluigi (Jon) - 12799G
  3. DK (Chugga) - 5377G
  4. Slime (Tom) - -529G


  • Similarly to Pirate Ship, the target was not 10000G, with it being 15000G instead.
  • This is the first board where someone has gone Bankrupt (Tom at -529G landing on Tim's property costing 4,205G when he only had 4,091G).
    • Funnily enough, when BrainScratchCommentaries had a game end with a bankrupt player it too ended via a Dragon Quest character (that time Angelo) rolling a 3 to land on the space owned by a Mario character (that time Waluigi) that cost more than the bankrupt player's net worth.


Ordered by wins (ties broken by average amount earned, rounded up)

  1. ProtonJon - 6 Wins
  2. NCS - 3 Wins
  3. Chugga - 2 Wins
  4. Masae - 0 Wins, 9925.5G
  5. Josh - 0 Wins, 8433G
  6. A.I. - 0 Wins, 8134G
  7. Lucah - 0 Wins, 7612G
  8. Tom - 0 Wins, 74678G
  9. SuperJ - 0 Wins, 6019G
  10. Stephen - 0 Wins, 5362G


  • Over the 10 boards played, the overall target amount is 117000G. Jon has earned over this with 119517G.
  • Out of the 3 main RunawayGuys, ProtonJon has earned the most with 119517G, NCS has earned the second most at 103675G, and in last place is Chugga with 77334G.
  • Out of the guests and A.I., Tom Fawkes has earned the single highest amount with 15464G. The lowest single amount earned was 2830G by SuperJeenius. They have never won; it's always one of TheRunawayGuys who wins. Tom almost did in his first match, Jon just got back to the bank first.
  • The highest amount made by anyone was 21473G on Starship Mario by NintendoCapriSun. The lowest amount made was by Chugga on Delfino Plaza with 1075G.
  • The highest winning amount was 21473G on Starship Mario by NintendoCapriSun and the lowest winning amount was also made by NCS and won with 10018G in Peach's Castle.
  • There has only been one Bankrupt player thus far (Tom on Starship Mario ending with -529G).
    • Yoshi (Tim) was already in a big lead and trying to make a final lap to return to the bank and win.

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • Yoshi's Island - became the starting point for Waluigi's bridal boutique.
  • Starship Mario - Tim wins when guest Tom Fawkes goes bankrupt on his launderette.

References Edit

  2. Jon had earned more, but Chugga had reached the bank with the target amount meaning Chugga won, and Jon finished second.
  3. Masae had earned over the target amount, but Chugga had reached the bank with the target amount meaning Chugga won, and Masae finished second.
  4. Chugga had earned over the target amount, but Jon had reached the bank with the target amount meaning Jon won, and Chugga finished second.
  5. NCS had earned more, but Jon had reached the bank with the target amount meaning Jon won.
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