Over time, Chuggaaconroy and others has dropped many hints regarding possible future Let's Plays.

Games he's mentioned as potential LPs Edit

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Paper Mario: Sticker Star Edit

Emile has stated that he's considered Let's Playing the game.[1]

Minecraft Edit

He also replied to a comment suggesting Minecraft, stating it would be hard to do but that he could figure something out. He referenced that game later in an episode of his Animal Crossing: New Leaf LP and also referenced Minecraft in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Minecraft's release on the Wii U might make this a more likely prospect.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Edit

Chuggaaconroy has stated on Twitter that he might LP Xenoblade Chronicles X, although it would not happen for a long time.[2]

Dokapon Journey (TRG) Edit

Jon and Emile have stated that is very possible they will do Dokapon Journey after Dokapon Kingdom has been completed.[3]

Undertale Edit

Emile has states that he has "some idea" regarding an LP of Undertale, but that he's not currently working on it.[4]

Games he's mentioned Edit

Kingdom Hearts Edit

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In Xenoblade Chronicles - Episode 108: A Release From Duty, Emile mentioned munny from Kingdom Hearts. He also mentioned Second Wind, a spell from the Kingdom Hearts games, in Xenoblade Chronicles - Episode 15: This is For You. This could be because he was thinking about Kingdom Hearts after recording for the episode.

Epic Mickey Edit

He has also responded to a YouTube comment suggesting Epic Mickey, stating that he might be considering it.[citation needed]

Yo-Kai Watch Edit

Chugga once gave a passing mention of the game Yo-Kai Watch on Twitter, which may imply he could do it in the future.[5] Chugga was also once seen playing the game, as shown by Tom Fawkes when he was vlogging when he worked with them on a project. [6]

Chugga made a tweet in reference to the Yo-Kai Baku. [7]

Chugga comments that he has yet to watch the anime, but has gone to see Yo-Kai Watch the Movie and gotten the limited edition Hovernyan Yo-Kai Medal. [8]

Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Edit

During part of his Mario Party 2 collab with Masae, Chugga said "Stay fuzzy, save the world, choices" while choosing an item. Chugga then commented that it was from a Jak & Daxter game. [9]

References Edit

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