Kappa is Emile's Ludicolo in his Let's Play of Pokémon Emerald. He was the second Pokémon to join Emile's team. Kappa, along with the rest of the Emerald team, was later transferred to Pokémon Platinum through the Pal Park.

Pokémon Emerald Edit

He first appeared, and was captured, in "Episode 2" as a Lotad. He evolved into a Lombre in "Episode 5" and evolved into a Ludicolo in "Episode 41" with a Water Stone that was obtained by trading a Blue Shard underwater for it.

Pokémon Platinum Edit

Episode 67: The Second Journey Edit

Emile, in order to show off Pal Park, transferred and re-captured his team from Pokémon Emerald, including Kappa.

 Other Appearances Edit

Yoshiller VS. Chuggaaconroy! Edit

Kappa participated in the titular battle.


Current MovesEdit

  • Fake Out (Episode ? -Finale)
  • Ice Beam (Episode 13 - Finale)
  • Giga Drain (Episode ? - Finale)
  • Waterfall (Episode ? - Finale)

Previous MovesEdit

Nickname Origin Edit

Kappa was named after the Kappa in Japanese mythology.


  • Kappa is Emile's first:
    • Pokémon that he entered in a contest.
    • Pokémon with a unique type combination.
  • Kappa is often joked as a Mexican stereotype in the Emerald playthrough due to his appearance.
  • Amusingly, Emile counted the times Rayquaza's Pokeball shook during its catch attempt in Spanish because Kappa was on the field. Even more amusingly, the catch was successful.
  • According to Emile, Kappa looks like a Mexican dancing pineapple.
  • Kappa was the last Pokémon on Emile's team to become fully evolved.
    • Coincidentally, although Kappa was the final member of Emile's team to become fully evolved, he was the first one to evolve to its second stage.
  • Kappa was also the Pokémon that took the longest to fully evolve in the Pokemon Emerald, spanning 39 episodes.
  • In the final battle against Steven, when Kappa is fighting Armaldo, he scored a lot of critical hits from STAB Waterfall, 5 in a row, to be exact.
  • Kappa, along with Emile's other Pokemon from Emerald, has been migrated to his Platinum Let's Play file.

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