Keeby is one of the two playable protagonist of Kirby's Dream Course, along with Kirby. Keeby is extremely similar to Yellow Kirby, but they are two different characters.[1]

Kirby's Dream Course Edit

Whispy Woods [Part 1] Edit

Keeby, controlled by NintendoCapriSun, began competing against Kirby in a golf game on the Wispy Woods, controlled by Chuggaaconroy.

Whispy Woods [Part 2] Edit

Keeby won.

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Trivia Edit

  • Kirby's Dream Course is the only game Keeby has ever appeared in.
    • The color sceheme is seen during the Subspace Emissary Let's Play when there are two players playing Kirby in his segment in the titular Subspace Emissary.
  • Keeby is what Kirby was originally going to look like, but was changed to avoid being thought of as a rip off of Pac-Man.

References Edit

  1. "Yellow Kirby, a Kirby that looks very similar to Keeby, has appeared inKirby series spin-offs and sub-games. Though they share the same color palette, they are not confirmed to be the same character." - Kirby Wikia