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Link is the playable protagonist of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Edit

Link is controlled by Emile in this Let's Play.

Episode 1 "Awakening Link" Edit

Link was sailing through the sea, when he encountered a storm and was shipwrecked. He awoke on a mysterious place called Koholint Island. He met a girl named Marin and her father Tarin. Link then explored Mabe Village and realized he has lost his sword. Link explored the beach and found his sword.

Episode 2 "The Awakening Wood" Edit

Link explores more of Koholint Island in search of Tarin, who has gone missing.

Episode 3 "Fish Tails!" Edit

Link explored the Tail Cave. As Link neared the end of the Tail Cave, he encountered Moldorm. Moldorm and Link faced off over a foreboding pit. Despite Moldorm's reasonably intimidating appearance, Link defeated him in a pathetically easy fight. Moldorm exploded, leaving Link a Heart Container. Moldorm's death allowed Link to secure the Full Moon Cello.

Episode 21 "Face-off!" Edit

After Link had neared the end of the Face Shrine, he met a villainous, disembodied face named Facade. After a fiercely fought battle, Link ultimately killed Facade. Facade's death allowed Link to acquire the Coral Triangle. Later at Mabe Village, Link used his newly acquired Power Bracelet to open the Flying Rooster's tomb. Link then used his Ocarina to bring the Rooster back to life. The Rooster awoke perfectly healthy and he joined Link on his adventure.

Episode 22 "Mad Batters" Edit

Link, now joined by the Flying Rooster, set out on his quest to travel to Tal Tal Heights, as the suggestion of the Owl. They met the Mad Batter, and he doubled how much Magic Powder Link could carry. The Rooster and Link then travel to Martha's Bay, and summoned the Mad Batter once more. The Mad Batter doubled how many Bombs Link could carry. Link and the Rooster then visited the Wind Fish's egg. The pair then continued to travel Koholint, in search of more upgrades before they continues their quest for all Eight Instruments to wake the Wind Fish.

Trivia Edit

  • This Link is also the protagonist of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.

References Edit

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