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Luigi's Mansion is Chuggaaconroy's 14th Let's Play. It was announced on May 27, 2011. The playlist consists of 17 videos and is 4 hours, 5 minutes, and 51 seconds long. This LP was updated every Sunday and Wednesday and was played alongside Pikmin 2. Five years later, Emile Let's Played the sequel: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.


May 29, 2011 - August 3, 2011

Welcome to your mansion- I mean our mansion!

April FoolsEdit

Chugga pulled an April Fools joke saying how Pikmin 2 would be the 14th Let's Play, but instead Chugga stated:

"It was an April Fools Joke for Pikmin 2 to be #14, click here to see the REAL lineup!" -Chuggaaconroy's Tweet

This tweet revealed that Luigi's Mansion was the real 14th LP.

Memorable Quotes and MomentsEdit

  • Attempting to catch the Speedy Spirits in the game.
  • His attempts to mimic the sound the Grabber Ghost make when they are vaccumed up.
  • Him missing Speedy Spirits in the game (the entire game).
  • "THE WIND!"
  • Him yelling, "CHILD ABBUUSSEE!!"
  • Him saying, "Wow ghosts have it all, I can't wait to be dead.(facepalm) Think before you speak Emile."
  • Luigi's face on the save screen being the scariest thing in the game.
  • "Now remember kids, even if it's floating and looks haunted, shiny is good."
  • "Video games are encouraging people to be bombs."
  • Trying to make sure Boos don't escape, followed by them do exactly what he doesn't want.
  • The Boo in the Bathroom from Episode 9.
  • "Oh, you're kidding me! He went through the wall that takes you back to area o- Ok, we're getting that boo later..." Finds the boo again and it goes back to area three, "YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! He went back into the bathroom! But I was just-AAAAAUUGGGHHH! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "AND IT HAD 3HP!"
  • The battle with Petunia.
  • "Ghosts would make the best school bullies. They punch the money right out of people."
  • His reaction to Luigi's face on the Save screen.
  • The Toad that sounds like NCS.
  • "Remember, guys, don't cross the streams."
  • Battling the Clockwork Soldiers.
  • The Shy Guy Voice

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