Mallory "Mal" Georg (née Weir, b. May 6, 1988) is one of  Emile's friends. She was an American art teacher until she resigned in 2016. She is now a full-time Youtuber under the name of MalMakes where she paints scenes inspired by Video Games she likes. She is the wife of Stephen Georg and appears on his Youtube channels frequently.


Mallory runs her own channel on Youtube since early 2016 (Later in 2016 it became her full-time job) called MalMakes. This channel runs two series, the primary one being MalMakes where Mal paints art inspired by video games she likes. She uploads a time-lapse version and a normal version where she explains what exactly she is doing The second series is Intro to Painting. In this series, Mal again draws art inspired by Video Games she likes, though this time she gives detailed tutorials on to recreate the art on a simplistic or more advanced level for novices of art.

Mal on StephenPlays w/EmileEdit

Mal has frequently appeared as a co-let's player with her husband on StephenPlays. They have done a variety of series including Co-Op let's plays, single player games with passing the controller, Competition let's plays (such as their Mario Kart let's plays) and a hybrid of these.

Mal and Emile have appeared at the same time on StephenPlays on side series such as Mario Party and on bonus episodes such as the V.S. matches for both of Stephen's Super Smash Brothers Let's Plays.

Mal on StephenVlog w/ Emile Edit

Mallory has appeared on StephenVlog almost every day since a little bit after Stephen's Graduation. When Emile and Stephen first met in person, Mallory was there with Stephen as they were married by that point. She has been in every video featuring Emile except when Stephen went to record The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures with TheRunawayGuys and the first time Stephen saw Emile's new house.

Gift Exchange Edit

When Emile visits Stephen, or vice versa, they often give each other gifts. Gifts are also given to Mallory and Masae. Whoever is more generous is a tough contest. This trend started on StephenVlog Day 1318 and has continued since.

  • Emile has given Stephen and Mallory
    • A Wii U (with a few extra games and controllers)
    • A hard drive
    • A capture card
    • 3DS eShop gift cards
    • An XBox 1 (with a few extra games and controllers)
    • and an iPhone 6 Plus, among other things.
  • In return, Stephen and Mallory have given Emile
    • Framed version of his Let's Play logos.
    • and Glasses engraved with characters he's Let's played as.


  • Emile and Masae often appear together when the Georgs visit, due to living in close proximity to each other.