Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is Chugga's 35th LP. It was preceded by The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The LP is a direct sequel to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.


A journey through time itself to change history! This often-overlooked entry in the Mario & Luigi series has a lot of things different about it, some good, some bad, but is overall a package I enjoy.

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • Just like when he played the first game in the series, Chugga played through the entire game not knowing he could up any stat other than HP.
  • He first got to play the game when one of his classmates (presumably in highschool) brought his DS to school and was playing in one of the in game areas, Chugga showed interest in the game so his classmate let him borrow it for as long as he wanted to.
  • Emile played through the game twice (including one 100% run) without knowing about Fawful being in the game.[1]
  • Emile played through the game without knowing that the shop in Peach's Castle restocks.[2]
  • When Chugga got into the battle with Mrs. Thwomp as a teenager, he missed some text and thought she was a man. Thinking was a man married with Mr. Thwomp, he assumed they were a gay couple. He then showed his mom this and she said it was 'oddly progressive, good on them'. [3]
  • Baby Luigi being referenced as having a glorious mustache because of his high luck stat which in-game is called "Stache".

Episodes Edit

See: List of Episodes in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Intros Edit

  • With Chugga's intro being "Hey, everybody! It's Chuggaaconroy! Welcome back to more name of LP! Last time..." but with having the word "time" in the game's name, Chugga uses a replacement for the word "time". Every episode this is a different word.
  • Episode 2: Time
  • Episode 3: Interval
  • Episode 4: Time
  • Episode 5: Period
  • Episode 6: Stretch
  • Episode 7: Occasion
  • Episode 8: Junction
  • Episode 9: Spell
  • Episode 10: Moment
  • Episode 11: Date
  • Episode 12: Episode
  • Episode 13: Occasion
  • Episode 14: Point
  • Episode 15: Stage
  • Episode 16: Age
  • Episode 17: Epoch
  • Episode 18: Hayday
  • Episode 19: Patch
  • Episode 20: Generation
  • Episode 21: Term
  • Episode 22: Semester
  • Episode 23: Pace
  • Episode 24: Insert synonym of time
  • Episode 25: Bout
  • Episode 26: Beat
  • Episode 27: Instance
  • Episode 28: Schedule
  • Episode 29: Venture
  • Episode 30: Back in the old days...
  • Episode 31: Generation
  • Episode 32: Trip
  • Episode 33: Throughout our history
  • Episode 34: Happening
  • Episode 35: Part
  • Episode 36: Stint
  • Episode 37: 5:00 PM Eastern 2:00 Pacific
  • Episode 38: Whatever you wanna call it, because there's no way I'm out doing that last intro
  • Episode 39 [Finale]: Previously
  • Bonus Episode: Adventure


  • Partners in Time and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga both followed an action RPG on the Wii, those being The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles, respectively.
  • Chugga's profile picture is an animated gif and can be seen hypnotically spinning around in certain pages on YouTube.
  • Episode 11's title is a reference to Kamen Rider.
  • Episode 37's intro replacement is when he usually uploads a new episode of an LP.

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