Meet The Timstones

Meet The Timstones

"Meet the Timstones" is the second song spoof Chugga made during a Runaway Guys Let's Play. This one being made during New Super Mario Bros. U.


Meet the Timstones.
They're the modern
Runaway fa-mi-ly!

From the
Mushroom Kingdom.
Come the friends who need to L to P.

Now Let's Play,
with Jon and the other three.
He couldn't even upload a bee. (Tim: A BEE?!?)

When you, read our fanfics,
You'll have a gay old tiiime!

...But you knew that already!


  • The other guys actually liked this song, and didn't complain about it, unlike "Meet JoshJepson."
  • Jon didn't hear Chugga insult him during the line "He couldn't even upload a bee", until Chugga explained it to him in another video.
  • It is likely that he had help from CodyDaviesTV, another LPer and friend, for some of the lyrics, since in New Super Luigi U, ProtonJon asks, "Did Cody help you with this one too?".
  • The song is a parody of the flintstones themesong, much like how "Meet JoshJepson" is a parody of the Jetsons theme.