Molly is a Normal Duck villager living in Chugga's town Palette in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


Day 1: New Life [Part 1] Edit

Molly was one of Chugga's starter villagers.

Day 28: Vacation Time [Part 1] Edit

Emile walked into The Roost to find Brewster working and Molly having a coffee.

 Other Appearances Edit

Six Years Edit

Emile wandered around Palette, doing some fishing and talking to various villagers, including Molly.


  • Chugga has stated that he finds Molly adorable.
  • She has asked Chugga to bring her a peach twice.
  • Chugga built a fountain for Molly so that she could swim in it adorably. However, she didn't show up for the ceremony.
  • According to Chugga, Molly had his favorite house of any villager living in Palette.
  • She now calls Emile, "dearie."
  • She was the first victim of Emile's Net of Terror. (Episode 2)
  • Chugga made Molly's greeting into "Queak." Sometime before the Saturday before Emile's Birthday, he changed her greeting to "Quackers."
  • Chugga and Molly are romanticaly involved, however on her birthday, to his distress, she had an affair with Croque.
  • Molly wanted Chugga to get people to sign a petition, Garden Gnomes have rights.

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