Nimbasa is Yoshiller's Altaria in Pokémon Platinum.


Nimbasa is the first Pokémon used by Yoshiller in the match, and went up against Psythe. Nimbasa managed to hit Psythe with a Steel Wing, before it was hit by a Psycho Cut in response. It then used Pluck, but it just narrowly didn't KO Psythe, who knocked Nimbasa out with another Psycho Cut.

Moves Edit

  • Steel Wing
  • Pluck
  • Dragon Dance (not seen using)


  • Nimbasa, along with another Altaria of the same name in Yoshiller's Pokémon Emerald version (it is unknown if they are one an the same), are named after Yoshiller's personal favorite city in a Pokémon game (Nimbasa City from Pokémon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2).

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