Onett is a city in Earthbound.

Earthbound Edit

Part 3: Freebees! Edit

Ness left home and explored Onett.

Part 4: Frank Edit

Ness explored Onett. He fought Frank Fly and the Frankystein Mark II.

Part 5: Giant Step Cave Edit

Ness left Onett and set out for the Giant Step Cave. He explored the cave and made it to the end, where he faced the Titanic Ant.

Sanctuary Boss 1:Titanic Ant Edit

Ness battles and defeats the Titanic Ant. He gets the first Melody from the Giant Step. He goes back to Onett and rents a hotel room. While sleeping, he has a dream and telepathically hears Paula.

Part 7: Cops Attempt to Murder Child Edit

Ness was arrested for trespassing and was forced to battle four bad Onett cops and then Captain Strong.

Part 8: "Mashroomized" Edit

Ness left from Onett for Twoson.

Trivia Edit

  • Onett's name is a play on the fact that it's the first town in the game.