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Osohe Castle is an important location in Mother 3.

Mother 3 Edit

Chapter 2 - Episode 1 Edit

Duster, a thief in training, is instructed by his father and trainer Wess to break into the Osohe Castle and steal a valuable object. Osohe Castle is shown being assaulted by the Pigmask Army, who are dropping unknown objects on the castle (we later learn that these are actually Claymen).

Chapter 2 - Episode 2 Edit

After fighting zombies, Duster ran into the drawbridge of Osohe Castle. The drawbridge is unassailable, so Duster could not access the castle from the front. Duster goes underground to reach the castle grounds, and then scales the walls to infiltrate the castle.

Chapter 2 - Episode 3 Edit

Duster begins exploring the interior of the Osohe Castle.

Trivia Edit

  • Osohe Castle is among the location to hold a Needle.