Pango is an anteater villager in Chugga's town Palette in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She was one of Emile's starting villagers in Palette and moved out without warning sometime between Biskit's Birthday and Father's Day.

Animal Crossing: New LeafEdit

Day 1: New Life [Part 1] Edit

Stinky was one of Chugga's starter villagers in Palette.

September and October Edit

After a very long absence, Pango visited Main Street and talked to Emile.

 Other Appearances Edit

Six Years Edit

Emile wandered around Palette, doing some fishing and talking to various villagers. During this, he passed Pango.


  • Chugga does not know if Pango is nice, or a complete jerk.
  • Pango said that she'd buy two of everything, so that she and Chugga could be twins.
  • Chugga made Pango's greeting "Nosey."
  • Emile wanted to build the Roost Cafe right on top of Pango.
  • Pango is meant to be a peppy villager so it is completely odd that she acts the way she does.
  • Pango is one of 6 anteaters, who are all female and peppy.
  • Pango made appearances after she moved away. She was in some pictures in Emile's house.

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