Pikmin 3 - Mission 10- Shaded Garden Remix with Yoshiller210:08

Pikmin 3 - Mission 10- Shaded Garden Remix with Yoshiller2

"Mission 10: Shaded Garden Remix with Yoshiller2" is the 11th episode of Chuggaaconroy's LP of Pikmin 3's Mission Mode. The episode was published on June 24th, 2016. The episode is 30 minutes and 40 seconds long. Yoshiller is the guest star.

 Description Edit


We make a return to PNF-404 for what else? TREASURE!! Well, food too."

Summary Edit

Chugga and Yoshiller complete Mission 10: Shaded Garden Remix.

Enemies Encountered Edit

  • Burrowing Snagret x 1 
  • Dwarf Bulborb x 2 
  • Bearded Amprat x 2 
  • Waddlepus x 1 
  • Hermit Crawmad x 1 

Trivia Edit

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