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Pokémon Platinum - Episode 20: Filling in The Dex

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"Filling in The Dex" is the 20th episode of Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Pokémon Platinum.

Description Edit

"We take on Hearthome City Gym with a much tougher band of Pokémon than we had for Eterna!"

Summary Edit

Ralts evolves into Kirlia, Emile battles Fantina in single-player, then Alex and Kellz from The Dex in multi-player.

Bios Edit

  • Roselia

Pokémon Encountered Edit

Major BattlesEdit

Diamond Pearl Fantina

Emile vs. FantinaEdit

Emile's TeamEdit

Fantina's TeamEdit

  • Duskull (Lvl. 24)
  • Haunter (Lvl. 24)
  • Mismagius (Lvl. 26)


Winner: Emile (5 Pokémon Remaining, 0 Pokémon Fainted)

Loser: Fantina (0 Pokémon Remaining, 3 Pokémon Fainted)

Emile 1 & Emile 2 vs. Alex & KellzEdit

Emile 1 & Emile 2Edit

Emile 1's TeamEdit
Emile 2's TeamEdit

Alex & KellzEdit

Alex's TeamEdit
  • Ikora/Alakazam (Lvl. 25)
  • Prinplup (Lvl. 25)
  • Kellie/Chingling (Lvl. 17)
Kellz's TeamEdit
  • Golem (Lvl. 26)
  • Audrey/Ponyta (Lvl. 25)
  • Viola/Kricketune (Lvl. 23)


Winner: Emile 1 & Emile 2 (5 Pokémon Remaining, 6 Pokémon Fainted)

Loser: Alex & Kellz (0 Pokémon Remaining, 6 Pokémon Fainted)

Trivia Edit

  • For unknown reasons, the video title was changed monts after it's intital release. It was changed from "Pokémon Platinum - Episode 20: Filling the Dex" to "Pokémon Platinum - Episode 20: Filling in The Dex"
  • Emile 1 & Emile 2 vs. Alex & Kellz was Psythe's very first battle.
  • Emile 1 & Emile 2 vs. Alex & Kellz was Emile's first multiplayer battle victory.

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