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"Competitive Maylene Match" is the 26th episode of Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Pokémon Platinum.


"We go to Veilstone Gym and then ditch a friend in need to make some scrambled eggs instead!"


Chuggaaconroy and Dawn meet Crasher Wake. Emile then battles his way through the Veilstone City Gym, and challenges Maylene to a Pokemon battle. He then battles the Pokétuber known as TamashiiHiroka.


Pokémon Encountered Edit

Major Battles Edit


Maylene, the 4th Gym Leader of Sinnoh

Emile vs. MayleneEdit

Emile's TeamEdit

Maylene's TeamEdit

  • Meditite (Lvl. 28)
  • Lucario (Lvl. 32)
  • Machoke (Lvl. 29)


Winner: Emile (5 Pokémon Remaining, 0 Pokémon Fainted)

Loser: Maylene (0 Pokémon Remaining, 3 Pokémon Fainted)


Tamashii, Emile's 5th Multiplayer opponent.

Emile vs. TamashiiHiroka Edit

Emile's TeamEdit

TamashiiHiroka's TeamEdit

  • Leafeon (Lvl. 33)
  • Pelipper (Lvl. 34)
  • Rampardos (Lvl. 33)
  • Haunter (Lvl. 34)


Winner: Emile (2 Pokémon Remaining, 2 Pokémon Fainted)

Loser: TamashiiHiroka (0 Pokémon Remaining, 4 Pokémon Fainted)


  • First appearance of Crasher Wake.
  • First appearance of Maylene.
    • This episode features the debut of two Sinnoh Gym Leaders.
  • First appearance of TamashiiHiroka in Pokémon Platinum.
    • This marks Emile's second overall, and consecutive, multiplayer victory, making him 2-2.

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