Jonathan "ProtonJon" Wheeler (b. November 8, 1985) is a Canadian Let's Player and a founding member of TheRunawayGuys.

Biography Edit

Jon was one of Emile's mains inspirations to start creating Let's Plays[10]. He is one of Emile's closest friends and a founding member of TheRunawayGuys. Jon's been jokingly described as "whiny", "moody", and "just a little snooty".[11][12] Jon hooked up with fellow LPer Lucahjin on January 7th, unknown year, as they celebrated their anniversary at MagFest. [13] ProtonJon proposed marriage to her at Pax West 2017 and she accepted. [14] Jon and Lucah adopted a cat that was blind in one eye, and Lucah was the one who named the cat Bagel. The reason for the name was because of how, when it curles up, it looks like a bagel. [15] Bagel has also been affectionately nicknamed 'Big Boss', after the character from Metal Gear Solid 3, for only having one eye. Jon and Lucah later got another cat and named her Eva (continuing the MGS3 reference). Bagel, as it turns out, doesn't like bagels. [16] Jon proposed to Lucah and they're set to get married in September 2018. [17]

Trivia Edit

  • Jon attempted to force Chugga to use a continue at the end of the New Super Mario Bros. Wii LP. He barely failed; Chuggaa had 5 lives at the start of the finale episode and 9 lives at the end.
  • Jon thinks the Legend of Zelda CD-i games "aren't that bad".[18]
  • Jon's often mocked by Emile for his upload schedule.
  • Jon is a non-practicing Christian.[19]
  • Jon has gotten 30,000 Coins in Coin Rush mode in New Super Mario Bros. 2.[18]
  • Jon likes to torture Chuggaa by mentioning Steve.
  • Jon gave Waluigi a voice that... well... used to sound like Waluigi.
  • He was once in charge of the sound board at his church, but had a bad habit of nodding off while on duty.[19]
  • Jon's late grandfather was in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II.He also had an anchor tattoo, presumably on his arm.[20]
  • Jon been flipping a coin and siding with whoever won the coin toss for any argument Emile and Masae had.
  • Jon was raised in a very conservative Christain household.[19]
  • When Jon was 19 and home from university, he was playing Halo 2 when it massively glitched out on him. In response he said "What the fuck?". His devoutly Christian mom, who was two floors down, yelled up "What was that you said!?". She then gave him a half hour lecture on how he's going to Hell.[19]
  • Jon has appeared on Season 2 & 3 of PeanutButterGamer's Terraria Hardcore series.

References Edit

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