Reflectors are the first class of weapons in Ōkami and Ōkamiden.

Ōkami Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Amaterasu received her first Reflector from Sakuya. Her first reflector was the Divine Retribution.

Ōkamiden Edit

Chibiterasu's first class of weapons are Reflectors, like his mother before him.

List of Reflectors Edit

Ōkami Edit

  • Divine Retribution (Obtained in Episode 1)
  • Snarling Beast (Obtained in Episode ?)
  • Infinity Judge (Obtained in Episode ?)
  • Trinity Mirror (Obtained in Episode ?)
  • Solar Flare (Obtained in Episode ?)

Ōkamiden Edit

  • Divine Retribution (Obtained in Episode ?)
  • Purity Reflector (Obtained in Episode ?)
  • Truth Mirror (Obtained in Episode ?)

Trivia Edit

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