"The only thing to fear is fear itself... and bees" - Emile quoting Rocco.[1]
Rocco is a cranky Hippo villager in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Edit

Day 1: New Life [Part 1] Edit

Rocco, along with Isabelle, Pango and Biskit, greeted Emile when he got off the train. He was the first villager who Emile ever spoke to.

Rocco's Birthday Edit

Rocco, Fang, and Emile all celebrated Rocco's birthday in his house. Emile got Rocco a bathroom stall as a present and Rocco loved it.


  • Fang is Rocco's best friend.[1]
  • Rocco doesn't much like astrology.[1]
  • Despite being a starting villager, the interior of his house wasn't shown until Day 32: Tomorrow's Christmas Eve.
  • Emile has a habit of not talking to Rocco, even saying that he should talk to him more.
  • Rocco, Croque, and Fang are all Cranky villagers, which, as of July 18th, is the most populated nature in Emile's town.
  • According to Emile, Rocco's catchphrase changes more often than Emile changes his socks.
  • Chugga was initially disgusted to find an old porta-potty in Rocco's house.[2]
  • Emile had a huge overreaction in the April Fool's Day episode when he found out Rocco's special skill: making puns.

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