"Runaway-niacs" is the third song that Chugga sung while at TheRunawayGuys. He sung this song during New Super Luigi U.


It's time for Runaway-niacs,
And we Let's Play while at PAX!

So just sit back and relax,
While we overreact!
We're Runaway-niacs!
Come and join the Let's Play Brothers,
And the Let's Play Sister, Tim!
Of course we're just kidding, and she's really a hi-im! [Tim: In the bathroom!]

We just like to make jokes,
Based on a simple whim!
Now there's no truce to what we produce,
Entertainment on the spot!

We're Runaway-niacs!

Tim is cute and Chugga yaks!
Proton threatens to attack
While four takes some flack!

We're Runaway-niacs!
We are Runaway-niacs!
We have Polaris contracts!
It's time for some snacks then prep for Jon's wisecracks!

We're Runaway-ny!
Totally insane-y!
Chugga's puns are lame-y!
Those are the facts!


  • This song had some mixed feelings from the other Guys. 
  • This is the first time Chugga has directly stated he is affiliated with Polaris.
  • Chugga states in the video that he had help from "you-know-who" for the second part of the song. In the description, he gives thanks to MasaeAnela, a close friend and a fellow LPer.

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