Stephen Georg (b. March 20, 1989), also known on YouTube as StephenPlays or StephenVlog, is a Let's Player and Vlogger who is married to Mal Georg. He is a good friends of Emile and has appeared on a few of his videos. Inversely, Emile has appeared on Stephen's videos. Stephen also joined TRG as a guest for The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.

Pikmin Let's plays Edit

Stephen was the guest in both Pikmin 2 Versus Mode with StephenPlays! and Pikmin 2 Co-Op with StephenPlays! for Pikmin 2 as well as Pikmin 3 - Mission 1: Tropical Forest with StephenPlays and Pikmin 3 - Mission 11: Fortress of Festivity w/ StephenPlays for Pikmin 3

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Edit

Stephen was the fourth player for TheRunawayGuys' playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures and played as Purple Link. He was often fond of using either bombs or lamps. In the case of Bombs, Stephen became known for causing a lot of trouble while using bombs.

Emile on StephenVlog Edit

See: List of Chuggaaconroy's Appearances on StephenVlog

Emile has appeared occasionally on StephenVlog during visits, conventions, and other various events. These vlogs are usually distinguished with Emile's humor, including puns, and his indirect playful refusing to end the vlog properly. Often MasaeAnela appears on the same vlogs as Emile due to Masae and Emile living close to each other. The entire TheRunawayGuys group has also appeared on Stephenvlog.

Before either started Youtube, Emile and Stephen became friends on They became good online friends over the years. Due to Stephen going to school for a college degree in Film and Television with specialization in editing, Emile consulted Stephen when he was making his first let's play, specifically with editing tips. Since then, Stephen has frequently helped Emile with many design based work including Emile's profile pictures and Video Overlays (Such as the Pokémon bios in his Pokémon let's plays).

Gift Exchange Edit

When Emile visits Stephen, or vice versa, they often give each other gifts. Gifts are also given to Mallory and Masae. Whoever is more generous is a tough contest. This trend started on Day 1318, and has continued since.

  • Emile has given Stephen and Mallory
    • A Wii U (with a few extra games and controllers)
    • A hard drive
    • A capture card
    • 3DS eShop gift cards
    • An XBox One (with a few extra games and controllers)
    • An iPhone 6 Plus, among other things.
    • and a Nintendo Switch each along with Breath of the Wild and it's associated Amiibos.
  • In return, Stephen and Mallory have given Emile
    • Framed version of his Let's Play logos.
    • Several glasses engraved with characters he's Let's played as.
    • and versions of his Let's Play Logos for the entire Mother series.

Emile on StephenPlays Edit

Emile has appeared occasionally on Stephenplays in side series such a You're in the Movies and Various Mario Party games. Emile has also appeared in some of the main series including Super Smash Bros. series (VS Matches) and Pokemon Leafgreen - (Catching Mewtwo) (4/23/2013)

Pokémon LeafGreen TeamEdit


  • Stephen has two Youtube channels, StephenVlog and StephenPlays
    • Emile and Masae are often together on both of his channels, this is likely since they live near one another.
  • Stephen is married to Mallory Georg. He lives with her and his 2 cats, Sagan and Kepler who are often called the Astronocats due to being named after famous astronomers.
  • Together they made "Destiny Burger", one of the most popular things relating Emile and Stephen, while messing around with Siri on Emile's iPad.
    • More fun with Siri also spawned "You are my restaurant" and "Volvulent Chicken"
  • Stephen is 6'6'' tall.
  • Stephen has met Emile, his wife Mallory, and his best friend Alex through, an EarthBound fansite.
    • Stephen's best friend Alex is currently engaged to Mallory's best friend Hayley.
  • Stephen graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2011.
  • Stephen is convinced that hotels hate tall people, due to the fact on how low their shower heads are installed.
  • Stephen is known for creating the Youtube icons for both Emile and TheRunawayGuys.
  • Stephen is a huge fan of Jones Soda.
  • Stephen's favorite band is They Might Be Giants.