Stephen Georg (b. 3/20/1989), better known on YouTube as StephenPlays or StephenVlog, is a Let's Player and Vlogger who is good friends with Emile. His wife is Mallory Georg. He joined TRG for The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.

Pikmin 2 Edit

Stephen was the guest in both Pikmin 2 Versus Mode with StephenPlays! and Pikmin 2 Co-Op with StephenPlays!

Pikmin 3 Edit

Stephen was the guest in Pikmin 3 - Mission 1: Tropical Forest with StephenPlays and Pikmin 3 - Mission 11: Fortress of Festivity w/ StephenPlays.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Edit

Stephen was the fourth player for TheRunawayGuys' playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures and played as Purple Link. He often used the bombs and accidentally blew the others up on multiple occasions.

Emile on StephenVlog Edit

Gift Exchange Edit

When Emile visits Stephen, or vice versa, they often give each other gifts. Gifts are also given to Mallory and Masae. Whoever is more generous is a tough contest. This trend started on Day 1318, and has continued since.

  • Emile has given Stephen and Mallory
    • A Wii U (with a few extra games and controllers)
    • A hard drive
    • A capture card
    • 3DS eShop gift cards
    • An XBox One (with a few extra games and controllers)
    • and an iPhone 6 Plus, among other things.
  • In return, Stephen and Mallory have given Emile
    • Framed version of his Let's Play logos.
    • and several glasses engraved with characters he's Let's played as.

Emile on StephenPlays Edit

Pokémon TeamEdit


  • Emile and Masae are often together on those channels, this is likely since they live near one another.
  • Stephen is married to Mallory Georg. He lives with her and his 2 cats, Sagan and Kepler.
  • Together they made "Destiny Burger", one of the most popular things relating Emile and Stephen, while messing around with Siri on Emile's i-Pad.
    • More fun with Siri also spawned "You are my restaurant" and "Volvulent Chicken"

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