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Steve The Trooper
Steve the Trooper (sometimes called Steve the Epic Red Pikmin or Steve the Red Pikmin by Fans) is a Red Pikmin in Pikmin. He used to be a normal Red Leaf Pikmin that always tripped over and had a hard time keeping up with the group.

One day (Day 8), however, Steve decided to show his true colors by trying to bring a dead Fiery Blowhog back to base all on his own. He was then saved by Chuggaaconroy before the sun went down. Chuggaaconroy, pleased with Steve's bravery, gave him the title 'Trooper'. From that moment on, Steve's popularity was boosted through the roof. Fans even made a Facebook page for Steve. What a lucky Pikmin! However, when Chuggaaconroy returned to the Distant Planet in Pikmin 2, he refused to call Steve by name; however, he had the honor of carrying back Louie in the final episode. 

In The Subspace Emmisary Olimar was attacking a giant R.O.B Captain Falcon then apperared taking out R.O.B but accidentally took out all of the Pikmin except Steve much to Chugga's demise. Later in that episode Jon stole his controller forcing him to be Olimar and the last Pikmin he plucked happened to be Steve. The Trooper helped his fellow Pikmin and the other heroes take down Tabuu and the Subspace Army.


It is also worth noting that Chuggaaconroy indirectly refrenced Steve or Pikmin that did things simliar to Steve throughout the playthrough. For example, when Chuggaaconroy first meets Red Pikmin in Episode 1 of Pikmin 2, he sighs and then responds with "Red Leaf Pikmin already? Today is just not my day is it?". This is probably in reference to Steve and how tired he was of everyone associating Red Pikmin to him.

  • On Day 16 of his Pikmin Let's Play Chuggaaconroy left a batch (15) of Red Pikmin in the ground of the Impact Site. These Pikmin were to become the future generation of Steve.
  • Despite the fact that Steve the Red Pikmin was Chuggaaconroy's trusty sidekick in Pikmin, Chugga refused to call Steve by his name in Pikmin 2. Chuggaconroy revealed this because he doubts that any Red Leaf Pikmin in Pikmin 2 are actually Steve.
  • Steve was also mentioned, intentionally or unintentionally, in episode 5 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii by TheRunawayGuys. In World 3-2 TheRunawayGuys were talking giving random names to the Goomba of the begining of the level where Steve got brought up as a name. Chuggaaconroy began to immediately freak out over the mention of Steve.
  • Steve got his name because Chugga hated his name when he was a kid so he wanted it to be changed to Steve.
  • In episode 16 of Pokémon Emerald, it is revealed that Steve came back from the dead as a Charizard cosplayer/Trainer and wanted to kill Chugga.
  • During episode 42 of Pokémon Emerald, Chugga recieves a cryptic phone call from Steve in Slateport City, and later calls back to find he is preparing for his revenge by slaughtering Lotad.
  • However, on episode Bonus 6 and final Chugga mentions about how Steve wanted a rematch.  Chugga won, and Steve apparently became a fan of him...or did he?.
  • AttackingTucans named every Pikmin in his Pikmin Let's Play and when he named one Steve he immediately killed it.
  • In Episode 7 of Kid Icarus: Uprising, a photo of Steve briefly flashed onscreen (perhaps as a jump scare) when Thanatos started repeatedly speaking the word 'trooper'.
  • On Day 15 of Animal Crossing: New Leaf when Proton Jon judged a contest for what Chugga would wear for a week in game there was 5 different Steve outfits subbmitted but Jon decided on a Princess Peach Dress.
  • Also In the Week before Feastivale Update Chugga wore a Steve Hat possibly meaning he isn't as bothered by the Pikmin has he use too. 
  • In the Finale of New Super Luigi U Chugga recived a fan-made Steve Plush. 


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