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Super Luigi Galaxy is Chugga's 11th Let's Play, and his 5th Mario Let's Play. This LP has 48 videos, and the time length is 10 hours, 45 minutes and 4 seconds. He LPed this alongside Pikmin.


August 6, 2010 - October 30, 2010 Luigi takes on the adventure of Super Mario Galaxy because the true hero wasn't up to the task!

Super Luigi Galaxy - Episode 111:54

Super Luigi Galaxy - Episode 1

Memorable Quotes And MomentsEdit

  • "Your witchcraft is making it so I can't commit suicide!"
  • Battery Meter
  • Him mis-saying, "The man can't keep Bill down!"
  • Sphaggetifacation.
  • "He died from lack of fabulosity."
  • "Goddamn Honey!"
  • "Haunted Meat!"
  • "Where'd shiny go? Me want shiny!"
  • "I haven't seen my Battery Gauge so full... in two years."
  • Him dying from break-dancing.
  • "You are now seeing a visual representation of Luigi's personal space, please do not invade it."
  • During the mission "Purple Coin Omelette" where he glitched into the planet and said, "WHAT THE HELL?!"
  • "We're in the magical land of Windows XP!"
  • "How come that dome gets a tiara?"
  • "I want to forever live... in the giant watermelon in the sky."
  • "For the love of Elemental Hero Bubbleman!"
  • "Well that was one giant, great big ball of epic fail right there."
  • "The Wrist Strap Is On!"
  • Battery life dying on him.
  • Engine room/ Sea slide galaxy.
  • "Suicide makes everything better."
  • "Hit him in the eye come on hit him in the eye."
  • "HOW DID I DIE?!?"
  • Beating Daredevil Bouldergeist in ONE TRY!
  • "Will you be my mommy?"
  • Attempting to demonstrate the gravity in Episode 2
  • The very first Tox Box
  • Dying while invincible in Episode 14
  • Drip Drop Galaxy
  • Sea Slide Galaxy
  • The Engine Dome Rant
  • Taking the Boo Path in Episode 33
  • Assuming a planet's gravity would catch him when jumping off a planet THREE TIMES!
  • "Shake it like you're the Shake King form the Shake Dimension!"
  • The library episode taking nearly 2 MONTHS!
  • Getting a coin and a star at the same time.
  • We are off to fight our arch-nemesis... THE BATTERY METER!
  • His attempts to mimic the Prankster Comet alert sound.

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