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Super Mario 3D World is the Seventieth Collab done by TheRunawayGuys, being with first time guest (in a main LP), MasaeAnela. They played as the following, Mario (Emile), Toad (Jon), Luigi (Tim) and Peach (Masae).


Into the Sprixie Kingdom with special guest, MasaeAnela!


Memorable MomentsEdit

  • Tiny Tim Adventures
  • "I've got a cramp in my vernacular."
  • Almost running out the clock at the end of Champion's Road.[1]
  • "I'm a Mario and I must wear the two hats."
  • Tim fighting Bowser solo.
  • "100 Second Hero"
  • Jon refusing to hit the switch to spawn the star.

References Edit

  1. Super Mario 3D World - Episode 41: Champion's Road 3

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