Super Mario 3D World - Episode 40- Champion's Road 222:08

Super Mario 3D World - Episode 40- Champion's Road 2

"Champion's Road 3" is the 41st and final episode of TheRunawayGuys' Collab of Super Mario 3D World. The episode was published on September 5th, 2015. The episode is 25 minutes and 49 seconds long.

 Description Edit

"Is it the end of the road?"

Summary Edit

Rosalina (Emile), Luigi (Tim), Blue Toad (Jon), and Peach (Masae) continue trying to complete World Crown-Crown: Champion's Road. Later, they finally complete the level.

Trivia Edit

"Oh man.. This episode. I'm not sure if the audio alone can convey the energy that was going on when we grabbed that last flag pole. I remember it so fondly because Tim and I freaked out so hard, and just hugged each other in our excitement in the middle of the recording. Honestly, that moment was probably the highlight of this series for me, just because of how accomplished we all felt. I still smile just thinking about it. On another note... I just wanted to say thank you. Recording this with you guys was an absolute blast from beginning to end. It was legitimately some of the most fun I've ever had in gaming, and I really, really hope that it was conveyed through the commentary. Just coming together and hanging out was already a great time in itself, but playing through and beating this game with everyone is something that I won't forget! It was a pleasure and honor to be asked to tag along in this series.. And I hope everyone watching enjoyed seeing all of the shenanigans. Thank you again for some of the best memories and most fun times that I'll ever have!"

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