Teddy is Emile's Slaking in his Let's Play of Pokémon Emerald. She was the third Pokémon to join Emile's team. Teddy, along with the rest of the Emerald team, was later transferred to Pokémon Platinum through the Pal Park.

Pokémon Emerald Edit

She was obtained in Episode 3 as a Slakoth, evolved into a Vigoroth in Episode 12, and evolved into a Slaking in Episode 33.

Pokémon Platinum Edit

Episode 67: The Second Journey Edit

Emile, in order to show off Pal Park, transferred and re-captured his team from Pokémon Emerald, including Teddy.

 Other Appearances Edit

Yoshiller VS. Chuggaaconroy! Edit

Teddy participated in the titular battle.

Moves Edit

Current MovesEdit

  • Yawn
  • Hyper Beam
  • Brick Break
  • Return

Previous MovesEdit

Nickname Origin Edit

She is named after one of Chugga's cats, Teddy. Teddy the Cat was named after a Teddy from Mother.


  • A catchphrase that involved Teddy was when Teddy loafed around every other turn due to her ability Truant, Chuggaaconroy would often say "Teddy is loafing around!" in a silly voice.
  • Teddy was named after Chugga's cat, Teddy, who is named after the character Teddy from Mother.
    • Teddy has sadly since passed away.
  • Chugga caught Slakoth as a challenge for the Let's Play.
  • Chugga considered renaming Teddy because the fact that his cat, Teddy, is male while his Pokémon Teddy was female was bothering him. Ironically however, Teddy is actually a girl's name, short for Theodore.
  • Whenever Chugga used Hyper Beam he yelled, "NOSE LASER!"
  • Chugga used his PP ups on Teddy to overuse Hyper Beam, and equipped Teddy with Silk Scarf to even further increase Hyper Beam's power.
  • The first time Chugga used Hyper Beam, he yelled, "IMAFIREINMAHLAZAH!"
  • YouTuber Darkness1049, a1joryj, and others tried requesting Teddy's name to be Bread as a pun for, "Bread is loafing around." However, they failed and Teddy was chosen instead.
  • It took him over 30 minutes to find Teddy.
  • At first he thought he might regret using Teddy, but in the end he enjoyed it.
  • Teddy, along with Emile's other Pokemon from Emerald, has been migrated to his Platinum Let's Play file.

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