Wheel of Fortune is a side collab by TheRunawayGuys. Many of these episodes have been posted to fill in the gaps between different collabs. This series has spanned mutiple systems: the Wii U and PS4 in the main collab, and the NES Wheel of Fortune Jr. version on The Runaway Guys Colosseum.


"We prove our knowledge of the English language for one thing: Cash!"

Memorable MomentsEdit


Emile's first terrible guess.

  • Many terrible guesses, such as:

First GameEdit

  • Calibrary Cuff Paula Deen (Celebrity Chef Paula Deen)
  • The Feats of Café (The Facts of Life)
  • Anal Pains (Aches and Pains)
  • Going on a Please Labe (Going on a Sleigh Ride)
  • Feista Keys to the Garage (Alicia Keys to the Garage)
  • Think Pack (Think Back)
  • Ocean Grossing (Ocean Crossing)
  • Extravagant Traits/Extravagant Nights/Extravagant Decats (Extravagant Yachts)
  • Icicles Gogggles (Graphic Designer)
  • Quiet Beauty of Salute (Quiet Beauty of Nature)
  • Softkern Crowk/Southern Gravy/Southern Crapi (Southern Drawl)
  • The Oppian War (The Appian Way)
  • Michael Chamlas/Michael Chaplis (Michael Chiklis)
  • Bright Wiry Bedroom (Bright Airy Bedroom)
  • Healthy Slut (Healthy Glow)
  • Political Antichrist (Political Activist)
  • Wood Thrust/Wool Thrush (Wood Thrush)
  • Hamington House (Arlington House)
  • Choking This Schlong (Drawing with Crayons)
  • Sightstud Act/Righteous Act (Nightclub Act)
  • Bed Turtle (Sea Turtle)
  • The Metropolitan Mutant of Ark/Ahe Metropolitan Museum of Ar (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
  • Alpine Glimmers/Alpine Gleamers (Alpine Glaciers)

Jon's Twitch StreamsEdit

  • Scare Lampert (Scary Vampire)
  • Finch Digger/Fancy Digger (Fancy Dinner)
  • Family Man/Family Guy (Family Fun)
  • Upitaine Maid (Upstairs Maid)
  • The Molded Gurus (The Golden Girls)
  • Caressing Holiday Cheer (Spreading Holiday Cheer)
  • Compact Disk Jockey (Compact Disc Jockey)
  • Natural Fluffite (Natural Brunette)
  • Bellopust/Fealamist (Geologist)
  • Bedful of Sweets (Bagful of Sweets)
  • Drawingly (Dragonfly)
  • Painee Button (Snooze Button)

Wheel of Fortune Round TwoEdit

  • Soapping Alligators (Snapping Alligators)
  • Chichin Atoch Darifolit (Chicken Stock Portfolio)
  • Mr. Filth (Mr. Right)
  • Biology Professor/Kagaeve Professor (College Professor)
  • Sabar Spoon/Subar Spoon/Simir Spoon/Suikr Spoon (Sugar Spoon)
  • Mossy Turkey Turner (Roast Turkey Dinner)
  • Burmfop (Caribou)
  • Sleeveless Jacket/Sleeveless Rockid (Sleeveless Jersey)
  • The Dressmilt Soc (The Breakfast Club)
  • Talking Toast Shoping/Snowing (Telling Ghost Stories)
  • Swiange Noic s (Strange Noises)
  • Pod Stoff (Kid Stuff)
  • Mexican Hairless Chihuahah/Mexican Hairless Chihuahas (Mexican Hairless Chihuahua)
  • Clowney Siderilks (Crowded Sidewalks)
  • Poppor (Cougar)
  • The ID Banab B__e (The Da Vinci Code)
  • Cemetorial Gavel (Senatorial Gavel)
  • Eduftian Cotton Sheets (Egyptian Cotton Sheets)
  • The Shine Nut Man Copinade (The Whole Kit and Caboodle)
  • The Easy Fool/The Fish Bowl (The Rose Bowl)
  • Daniened Jeane (Designer Jeans)
  • Waxapas (Papayas)
  • Boy Squad/Cop Squad (Pep Squad)
  • Reading Carmel (Wedding Chapel)
  • Pantstorm (Sandstorm)
  • Simon Wager as Patrick Zany (Simon Baker as Patrick Jane)

Wheel of Fortune (Wii U)Edit

  • In Tune With the Spa (In Tune With the Sea)
  • Loinsalnia Olonto (Poinsettia Plants)
  • Burpsie Call me Let's do Leech (Curtain Call me Let's do Lunch)
  • Nosey Neighbor (Noisy Neighbor)
  • Shutlipperz Ulerator/Siftohyyyry Yyerytyr (Switchboard Operator)
  • Hobbywogie/Hobbyhouse (Hobbyhorse)
  • Baby Sitters (Baby Booties)
  • Toppilith Crudeot (Tollbooth Collector)

A Very Runaway Guys StreamEdit

  • Garlic Oreos (Garlic Press)
  • A Dream Trip Too Too (A Dream Trip For Two)
  • Serve Tennis/Bored Sistem/Morty System (Merit System)

The RunawayGuys Colosseum/Wheel of Fortune JuniorEdit

  • Ginger Snaps Tigeer/Little Tipsy Thiser/Little Twjic Ta__er/Little Tokyo Toster/Little Tippo Tafler (Little Tommy Tucker)
  • Chjerssse _____e/Lineassye Dinnee/Defensive Tackle/Lanesstee Vacile (Offensive Tackle)

Wheel of Fortune (PS4)Edit

  • Making Love to Doghout (Taking Time to Regroup)
  • Hard Winter Rainfall (Warm Winter Rainfall)
  • Earl of Die (Easy as Pie)
  • Puking My Lunch Out Man/Waxing My Purse Now Yar (Buying My First New Car)
  • None Student Orgasmicaa (Live Musical Production)
  • Hearthrob Stand (Lightning Storm)
  • Toothpuss & Sore (Daughters & Sons)
  • The Food Bucket Truck/The Ford Pickup Truck (Old Ford Pickup Truck)
  • Charmander & __e______e (Tweedledum and Tweedledee)
  • Cheese Pizza Nuts/Cheezy Fuzzy Tots (Cheese Pizza Pies)
  • Villain Movie Posters (Vintage Movie Posters)
  • Poodles & Bu__t___s (Adverbs and Adjectives)


  • Chugga made a Miiverse post stating that he actually did well in a round of Wheel of Fortune.
    • The first comment on his post was by Proton Jon saying he didn't believe him.