"Pair Games [Part 1/2]" is the fourteenth episode of TheRunawayGuys' collab of Wii Party.

Description Edit

"The second and almost third of the remaining modes!"

Summary Edit

Emile and Jon play Friend Connection

Games Edit

Match Game Edit

Question Emile's Answer Jon's Answer
Would you rather visit the North Pole or the South Pole? South Pole
When do you eat the cherry on top of a desert? First Last
Would you rather go skiing or snowboarding? Skiing Snowboarding
Which would you rather build? Robot
Which ocean would you most like to swim in? Pacific Atlantic

Can Poppers Minigame Edit

Player Total Score
Emile & Jon 27 (C Rank)

Total Friend Connection Edit

Player Total Score
Emile & Jon 40

Balance Boat Double Up Edit

Players Total Score
Jon & Tim ?

Teamwork Temple Edit

Players Finish Time
Jon & Tim Did Not Finish

To Be Completed

Trivia Edit

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