"Xenoblade Chronicles X - Post Review Discussion w/ Chuggaaconroy!" is a video in GameXplain's Discussion series. The video was published on December 7th, 2015. The episode is 30 minutes and 41 seconds long.

Description Edit

"Now that we've reviewed Xenoblade Chronicles X and the massive game has been released, we sit down to give our thoughts on the game as a whole with Chuggaaconroy! We talk about the wide variety of missions, the difficulty curve, and how it compares to the original now that we've had time to fully play it. All this and more in our latest Xenoblade Chronicles X discussion!"

Summary Edit

Derrick and Emile discuss the Xenoblade Chronicles X. This discussion takes place after Derrick has reviewed the game and after Emile has beaten it.

Trivia Edit

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